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Bodey & Bodey, a Spokane Personal Injury Attorney firm, focuses on helping clients who need the legal services in the Spokane area and Washington State. When a person is seriously injured, they need to spend their time getting well. Bodey & Bodey Law handles the work of prosecuting a personal injury claim so that you can focus on recovery from your injury. As your attorney, we meet with you personally and take all aspects of your recovery into account: medical bills incurred as a result of your injury, lost income from being unable to work, and the pain and suffering that you experience as a result of your injury. Then we aggressively represent you to see that you are treated fairly and that you receive the best possible outcome.

Contact Bodey & Bodey, Spokane Personal Injury Attorneys today at
(509) 327.3456. We will meet with you in a no-cost consultation. We discuss the nature of your accident, your treatment plan, medical costs, prognosis, loss of income, pain and suffering and other necessary information. Based on our meeting, we will provide you with a realistic assessment of your case.

Why Choose A Personal Injury Attorney?

Bodey & Bodey Law is a Spokane Personal Injury Attorney office. We have the expertise and experience to accurately assess our client's claim, accurately determine the monetary value of the personal injury case and effectively work within the legal system to achieve a just result for our client.

Some Examples of Personal Injuries:

Defective Consumer Products: If you are injured by a faulty product such as a household appliance and a serious personal injury results, the manufacturer could be responsible for your injury.
Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accidents: If you are injured because of another driver who was found to be at fault in a car accident, the driver could be responsible for your injury.
Medical Malpractice/Birth Injuries: If you or someone you love received poor or negligent care from a physician, from medical care personnel or from a medical facility providing treatment, the physician, medical personnel or medical facility could be responsible for your injury.
Workers Compensation Injuries: If you or someone you love was injured while at work doing job-related activities, contact us today for a consultation.

Get Help Today

Bodey Law knows that the devastating and disabling injuries caused by auto accidents, medical malpractice, and insurance denials are unthinkable until they strike your family. These are serious injuries, they can disable permanently, cause severe pain or even be life threatening. They require serious action by a competent attorney.
Most believe that accidents happen to other people until they find themselves or their loved ones suffering because of the negligence of others.
We keep abreast of changes in our area of the Law so that we can better represent each of our clients. As a local attorney firm we believe that we can best represent clients in our area.

Why choose a local Attorney?

Obtaining local legal representation can be especially helpful. As a local counsel with knowledge of the local courts, opposing counsel and other helpful information, we are able to provide a unique perspective about our cases. We take appropriate legal action in all of our cases from beginning to end, acting on our clients' behalf.

Medical Insurance Negotiations

Our extensive medical insurance knowledge benefits our clients during negotiations with insurance companies. At Bodey & Bodey, we aggressively represents our clients.

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